Peter Davies - My Story
My passion lies in art, illustration and photography in particular in bird wildlife.  I have drawn and painted for as long as I can remember and entered into my first art competition at the age of ten and remember coming third. Over the years I had always wanted to get involved in photography but in the photography pre-digital age this was cost prohibitive and I stuck to my drawing and painting, I even had the privilege along the way to exhibit my work on the railings at Bayswater Road in London until once again time constraints of career got in the way. 
Wind the clock forward to 2017 and after months of research the lifelong ambition of photography which had never gone away was satisfied. I invested in a Canon 7D Mk II digital camera with a Sigma 150-600 Zoom lens as my primary wild life camera equipment. The same year I won the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Annual Photography Competition which has further inspired me to continue my work as I head toward retirement.
Since 2017 I have experimented with post processing of my photographic images to produce digital art prints. In late 2019 I stumbled into the world of greetings cards and found myself at the Greetings Card Association - Ladder Club Seminar in London.  Taking away new ideas from this experience I launched my  Digital Art Cards  website in February 2020 - you can check it out on the following link - Digital Art Cards .
If you are interested in licencing any of my work please contact me via the contact form above.
If you are interested in commissioning me to produce digital art prints from any of my photographic work, please contact me via the contact form above. 
Limited Edition Prints
Coming Soon -  a sales platform offering my limited edition digital prints.
2017 Overall winner of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Annual Wildlife Competition.
2020 Launched Digital Art Cards - Click Here
2018 Cotswold Life Magazine - Click Here
2018 Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Annual Calendar
2017 Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Autumn Magazine Cover - Click Here

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